Jae Ryu


Jae Ryu is the President of Mirae Asset Securities (USA). Jae is an industry veteran with expertise in investment banking, investor relations, equity sales and business development. With 15 years of industry experience, he has positioned the firm as a leader in meeting the complex needs of the firm’s global clients.


Years of Experience

Junyoung Kim

Managing Director

Junyoung (Jay) is a Managing Director of Mirae Asset Securities (USA). Jay has 26 years of management experience covering derivatives, prime brokerage and proprietary trading. In addition, Jay previously served as the Head of Prime Brokerage Services for Mirae Asset Securities in South Korea.


Years of Experience

Robert E. Akeson

Chief Operating Officer  

Robert serves as Chief Operating Officer of Mirae Asset Securities (USA). Robert has 36 years of experience which includes various management positions within the prime brokerage, correspondent clearing, agency execution, global finance and asset management businesses. In addition, Robert has general partner and advisory board level experience with small money management firms and is an active participant in various industry groups.


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Richard J. Misiano

Head of Global Fixed Income

With 21 years of experience in Fixed Income Sales and Trading, Richard Misiano heads the Global Fixed Income Group at Mirae Asset Securities (USA).  Richard is responsible for all Fixed Income Sales, Trading, Finance, and co-heads the Fixed Income Correspondent Clearing Business.


Years of Experience

Stephen T. Murphy

Managing Director

Steve serves as the Head of Prime Brokerage and Correspondent Clearing.  Steve has over 28 years of experience in the financial service industry.  His experience includes working on both the buy side and sell side in various senior management roles.


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Brandon E. Angus

Chief Technology Officer

Brandon is Chief Technology Officer of Mirae Asset Securities (USA). With 20 years of experience, his primary focus is on providing the technical direction and vision for the firm. With expertise in technology management, product development, prime brokerage and correspondent clearing, Brandon focuses on developing solutions for and building partnerships with financial companies around the world. Brandon has held various management positions at several leading financial firms.


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Sanghyun Bae

Chief Compliance Officer

Sang is Chief Compliance Officer at Mirae Asset Securities (USA). With 22 years of experience, he is responsible for Compliance, Financial and Operations Management oversight.


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Lou De Simone

Head of Operations

Lou is Head of Operations for Mirae Asset Securities (USA). He has 35 years of experience overseeing operations management for equities, options, margin credit (including portfolio margin and risk), prime brokerage, institutional credit and correspondent clearing. Lou also served on FINRA’s series 99 Committee.


Years of Experience

Peter Marrinan

Chief Credit & Risk Officer

Peter is Chief Credit & Risk Officer at Mirae Asset Securities (USA). With 29 years of experience, he specializes in credit analysis, correspondent clearing, prime brokerage and risk management. Peter has held senior management leadership roles that extend across multiple business lines, financial market segments and geographic regions.


Years of Experience

Anthony Vinci

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Anthony is Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Mirae Asset Securities (USA).  He has a background in the broker-dealer industry, at both public and private institutions, as a financial and operations principal. His expertise includes financial and regulatory reporting, corporate accounting, product control and treasury cash management.  Anthony was formerly an audit manager with Ernst & Young LLP and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of New York.


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