ETF & Global Portfolio Trading
ETF & Global Portfolio Trading
ETF & Global Portfolio Trading

Mirae’s ETF/Portfolio Trading desk is self-clearing and also an authorized participant for exchange traded funds. The ETF/ Portfolio Trading team brings decades of experience to equity trading and ETFs. The capabilities of the ETF Trading Desk include:

  • Agency and Principal Portfolio Trading (Domestic and International Equities)
  • ETF Portfolio rebalancing (agency and principal) for active and index based ETFs
  • ETF creation/redemption for asset managers and broker dealers; support for seed capital needs
  • Provide ETF Portfolio Execution benchmarks tied to end of day Net Asset Value (NAV) as well as Interval Intraday Net Asset Value (Naverage)
  • Capital Markets support for ETF issuers and their sales and distribution needs
  • ETF block trading with all major liquidity providers and lead market makers
  • Expertise and guidance from decades of experience in equity trading and ETFs
  • Expert consultation services for potential issuers of ETFs, including introduction to all major ETF custodial banks, service providers and exchanges

Mirae's Primary Client Groups:

Hedge Funds

Pensions, Endowments, Foundations

Traditional Asset Managers

ETF Issuers(Existing & New)

Large RIA'swith Trade Desks

Insurance Companies

ETF & Global Portfolio Trading