Our Principles are Our Promise

A Culture of Strong Compliance and Ethical Management

At Mirae Asset Securities (USA), we implement risk management and compliance programs to abide by our core values, beyond mere formality. We pride ourselves on maintaining a culture which consistently exceeds regulatory guidelines. Our decision-making process focuses on consumer protection, and seeks sustainable growth of our business through the declaration of ethical management. Our robust risk management procedures are designed to satisfy the most demanding of investors, ensuring quality and consistent results built for the long term.

Information spreads rapidly in our technological world and we believe that “Ethical Management” is critical to the long-term success of our company and our valued client relationships.

Mirae's strong ethical management
Client Services Team

Strategic and Enduring Partnerships with Clients

A long-term perspective is key when determining sustainable competitiveness. Though the capital markets may be volatile over the short-term, or investment trends may change quickly, we look to build long standing relationships and offer tremendous investment flexibility, provide superior services, and help clients to manage risk. Investing in our client relationships is the essence of our long-term approach to success.

Assessment of Investment Risks with Expected Return

At Mirae Asset every investment risk is assessed with expected return. Valuations, liquidity and corporate governance are constantly monitored for their potential to inflict damage on long-term competitiveness. It is our aim to limit both our clients’ and our own exposure to such investment risk. Our Risk Management Division consistently communicates and works with our clients to ensure that risk management principles are shared among all parties.

Mirae Asset assesses investment risks with expected return
Mirae's Team Based Approach

Value of a Team-Based Approach to Decision-Making

Success for Mirae Asset and our clients is achieved through a team-based approach to decision-making, with extensive discussion and a commitment to firmly adhere to our principles and process.

Mirae Asset firmly adheres to these core investment principles.