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Mirae Asset Securities (USA) Inc. is an SEC registered broker-dealer and FINRA member with affiliates across the world’s major markets.  Since Mirae is not a bank, it is not directly impacted by Basel III, Dodd-Frank or CCAR.  We are committed to adding value to hedge fund clients that are looking for an alternative to smaller non-clearing prime brokers, large industry incumbents, and those most impacted by finance industry consolidation. Mirae Asset Financial Group (which includes Mirae Asset Securities (USA) Inc.) and its affiliates operate in eighteen markets across five continents. We have worldwide assets under management exceeding $598.8 billion as of December 31, 2023.

Mirae Prime Brokerage offers its clients:

  • Global self-clearing services in the US, with access to Canada and over 30 additional international markets
  • Financing options including: Reg T, Portfolio Margin, and Repo
  • A well-capitalized US broker-dealer owned by a publicly traded Korean affiliated parent (Mirae Asset Securities Co. Ltd. – ticker symbol “006800:KS”)
  • Veteran Securities Lending and Repo teams with considerable access to locates, pricing, and market color
  • US based client service, along with considerable onshore operations, corporate actions and asset servicing teams
  • Prime Brokerage Portal with bespoke reporting options
  • Technology solutions managed by in-house technologists and product development teams
  • Veteran agency execution teams serving clients 24/6
  • Korean Equity Research sales team covering syndicate, research, corporate access and capital introductions

Global Clearing and Custody.

Equities, Fixed Income & Options
US, Canada & 30+ International Markets

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Global Securities Lending/REPO.

Online Locates & Pricing
Large Hard-To-Borrow (HTB) Supply
Bi-Lateral Repo Capabilities

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Responsive Client Services Team
Direct Operations Contacts
Onshore Teams

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Technology Solutions & Client Portal 

Prime Portal
Bespoke Solutions
Onshore Technology Team

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Flexible Margin Regimes
Reg T
Portfolio Margin

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High and low touch service
Global Markets Coverage
Extended Trading Hours Available

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Foreign Equity Research Distribution

Asia Regional Research – Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam
250+ Stocks Under Coverage Across the Region
Top ECM/Syndicate Issuer in Korea

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ETF & Global Portfolio Trading

Agency and Principal Global Portfolio Trading
ETF Create/Redeems - AP for Market Makers, Securities Lenders, PB Clients
ETF Block Trading - Accessing RFQ’s from the Leading ETF Liquidity Providers

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Global Reach with Local Expertise

Client Focused Prime Services
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