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Equity Trading

Technology Enhanced Transactions

At Mirae, client trades are handled with accuracy, efficiency, and discretion. Through our established networks and resources, we facilitate and manage execution of client trades on a bespoke basis. In developing these networks and resources, we have implemented platforms designed to handle the increasing demands of the securities markets in ways that minimize market impact of executions while pursuing liquidity and price improvement. Our experienced front and back-office teams provide reliable access to global markets on a high and low touch basis, giving our clients the edge in navigating the complexities of today’s markets.

Overnight Trading Services

Enhanced Execution Capabilities

With the resources and capabilities of a leading global securities business, Mirae offers overnight trading services to clients, encompassing not only immediate access to liquidity, but also the ability to trade around-the-clock thus affording clients better opportunity to react to unfolding market events.

Through the firm’s state of the art networks and resources, Mirae continues to source, facilitate, and manage the execution of clients’ trades to best serve their needs. Mirae’s trading desk already offers a robust set of solutions to its clients, and overnight trading is designed to enhance those services while also minimizing market impact by helping them navigate the complexities of the after-hours markets.

Global Equities