Why Mirae

Why Mirae

Our Advantage

“As a non-bank financial institution, and given our significant financial resources and experienced team, Mirae Asset Securities (USA) sees unique opportunities to connect with clients whose counterparties, prime brokers, clearing firms and execution agents may be rethinking their position in the market because of Basel III and other regulations.   Deploying these resources and remaining client centered allows us to strategically focus on our business and meet all our clients’ needs securely, quickly, and efficiently.”

Jae Ryu, CEO & President, Mirae Asset Securities (USA) Inc.

Our Resources

A Global Perspective With Local Expertise

Mirae Asset Securities (USA) is a U.S. registered broker-dealer with offices, clients and business lines across the world’s major markets. We provide services through a diversified platform that offers market-leading franchises in traditional equity and fixed income products, ETFs and alternative strategies.

Why Mirae

Corporate Citizenship

1. Nurturing Talent and Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders

  • Children as Heads of Households Initiative. This initiative provides assistance to young people who have been forced by circumstances to assume responsibility for their families.
  • Scholarship Programs for Teenagers. The Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation provides tertiary scholarships to students from disadvantaged families who have displayed outstanding academic promise.

2. Social Responsibility

  • At Mirae Asset, we continue to strengthen our efforts to embed a culture of volunteering within our company by encouraging proactive social contributions.
  • We strongly encourage and support employees to volunteer for community initiatives that support a more harmonious and prosperous future for those within them.

3. A Culture of Sharing

  • Mirae Asset's corporate giving philosophy stems from our core belief that in giving we receive, and that charity is an interactive process whereby the philanthropist and the beneficiary mutually learn and grow through the shared experience.
  • To establish and encourage a culture of voluntary donations, Mirae Asset employees are encouraged to participate in community development projects throughout the year, and contribute to specific campaigns run by the Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation.

Culture & Values

At Mirae Asset Securities our decision-making is guided by our four core principles:





Our clients’ success is paramount – their success is our success. We build and nurture long-term relationships with our clients by using our proven investment strategies to help create wealth for life.

We assess every investment opportunity objectively and with total impartiality. Our independence sets us apart and helps ensure that our decisions are aligned with the needs of our clients.

Our success is built on respect for each individual and a belief in the power of teamwork. It is our aim to create a true meritocracy in which talent and achievement are rewarded and opportunity is equally available to all.

At Mirae Asset, we are profoundly aware of our responsibilities. As a good corporate citizen, we aim to give back to the communities in which we live and actively support and participate in a range of initiatives within them.


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Strong Ethical Management

At Mirae Asset Securities (USA), we implement risk management and compliance programs to abide by our core values, beyond mere formality. We pride ourselves on maintaining a culture which consistently exceeds regulatory guidelines. Our decision-making process focuses on consumer protection, and seeks sustainable growth of our business through the declaration of ethical management.  Our robust risk management procedures are designed to satisfy the most demanding of investors, ensure quality and consistent results built for the long term.

Information spreads rapidly in our technological world and we believe that “Ethical Management” All You Can Feel: Images of Recreational Drugs Exposed to Film Negatives by Sarah Schoenfeld tadalafil online us healthcare firms in giant bn deal is critical to the long-term success of our company and our valued client relationships.

Strategic and enduring partnerships with our clients

A long-term perspective is key when determining sustainable competitiveness. Though the capital markets may be volatile over the short-term, or investment trends may change quickly, we look to build long standing relationships and offer tremendous investment flexibility, provide superior services, and help clients to manage risk.  Investing in our client relationships is the essence of our long-term approach to success.

Mirae Asset assesses investment risks with expected return

At Mirae Asset every investment risk is assessed with expected return. Valuations, liquidity and corporate governance are constantly monitored for their potential to inflict damage on long-term competitiveness. It is our aim to limit both our clients’ and our own exposure to such investment risk. Our Risk Management Division consistently communicates and works with our clients to ensure that risk management principles are shared among all parties.

Mirae Asset values a team-based approach to decision-making

Success for Mirae Asset and our clients is achieved through a team-based approach to decision-making, with extensive discussion and a commitment to firmly adhere to our principles and process.

Mirae Asset firmly adheres to these core investment principles.

About Us

About Mirae


Founded in Korea in 1997, Mirae Asset Financial Group was launched in the wake of the Asian currency crisis.  Mirae Asset has the ability to provide superior ideas and services to investors around the globe. We operate in 16 markets and across 5 continents.
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As of September 2022, the group has managed assets worldwide of $482 billion.

Mirae Asset Securities (USA), the New-York based unit, operates a leading institutional capital markets platform to service professional investors with complex global needs. Our goal is to provide clients with insightful and secure financial solutions.

Mirae Global


Mirae Asset Securities (USA) Inc., a subsidiary of Mirae Asset Financial Group, offers Prime Brokerage, Global Securities Financing, Correspondent Clearing, Global Equities, ETF & Global Portfolio Trading and Foreign Equity Research Distribution services. Our services are offered globally.

Corporate Overview

The Mirae Asset Financial Group was founded in 1997 in the wake of the Asian financial crisis. Today, Mirae Asset possesses the global capability to deliver our best ideas to investors around the world via an on-the-ground presence in 16 markets including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Hong Kong SAR*, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Singapore, South Korea, UAE, the United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam. Mirae Asset Financial Group offers comprehensive financial services through its core businesses with total assets under management of $482 billion as of September 2022.

*Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

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We are committed to providing personalized boutique services to the institutional investor community.  Due to recent regulatory developments, such as Basel III, many of our competitors have had severe restrictions placed on their ability to lend, trade or hold assets—especially, if they are owned by bank holding companies. Mirae Asset Securities is not owned by a bank holding company and can fill this void.

In addition, because of the global presence and brand recognition of our firm, we have the financial and technological resources to support a broad array of clients and strategies. We have assembled a highly experienced team of professionals to meet the needs of our clients.