Correspondent Clearing

Correspondent Clearing

Correspondent Clearing

Providing Efficient Solutions

  • We provide equity and fixed income institutional broker- dealers fully integrated correspondent clearing services in major global markets.
  • We offer a broad set of products that connect a client’s front end with our advanced clearing and custody platform.
  • Our dedicated support model offers experienced and personalized attention.
  • We provide superior clearing services including: cutting- edge technology, flexible reporting, MIRAEPRIME portal, business advisory services and a dedicated support team.

Global Securities Financing

Global Securities Financing

Repurchase Agreements (REPO)

Our robust integrated global trading capabilities, combined with local U.S. market expertise, enable the execution of Repurchase Agreements (REPO) transactions that meet the diverse financing needs for our client base.



  • Transactions in high demand (specials) will be done predominantly on an overnight basis due to dynamically changing firm positions.
  • General collateral transactions will typically be asset gathering, trade funding, and term in nature with an average maturity of 7 to 30 days and a maximum of 365 days.
  • Agent lender borrows will be open/overnight.


  • Transaction size will be up to $1B per transaction to ensure proper intraday liquidity to unwind trades.
  • The book will be structured with an average maturity of 7 + days, with limited overnight transactions to reduce liquidity risk.

Securities Lending

  • We provide clients the opportunity and insight necessary to properly maintain their portfolios, while integrating the highest risk management standards.
  • We offer clients information to navigate the lending markets.
  • With our global reach and dedicated local resources, we provide advantageous and transparent lending rates.

Transaction Types

Equity Specials:

  • We target equities that have high short sale interest.
  • We transact in the borrowing and lending of equity securities with other broker dealers.

Lending Box:

  • We maintain firm liquidity, lending re-hypothecated securities to approved counterparties.

Fully Paid Lending:

  • Once implemented, we will work with internal accounts that hold fully paid assets that have tremendous value in the securities lending market.

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Prime Brokerage

Prime Brokerage

Prime Brokerage

Prime Brokerage Services

Client Centered

Our Clients:

Mirae Asset Securities (USA) targets emerging, small and start-up managers. We provide long term support to our clients, contributing to their operational strength and mitigation of business risk.

Our primary focus is on long/short equity, market neutral, global macro, multi strategy, relative value arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, and distressed funds. Global in scope, Mirae Asset Securities (USA) will target:

  • Funds that are most impacted by industry consolidation, and due to their size, are challenged by business risk despite impressive performances that exceed some of the larger funds
  • Larger funds that seek a significant and attentive counter-party for their secondary prime broker relationships
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Prop traders
  • Institutional brokers

Our comprehensive technology platform can ease the burden on managers by providing operational support services under one roof including: portfolio accounting, customized report writing, risk management, and a host of business advisory services. We also can advise on enterprise technology, compliance, and global trading solutions.

At Mirae Asset Securities (USA) we continue to expand our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Corporate Access



Jae Ryu


Jae Ryu is the CEO / President of Mirae Asset Securities (USA). Jae is an industry veteran with expertise in equity sales, sales & trading, and investment banking. With 19 years of industry experience, he has positioned the firm as a leader in meeting the complex needs of the firm’s global clients.


Years of Experience

Brandon E. Angus

Chief Technology Officer

Brandon is Chief Technology Officer of Mirae Asset Securities (USA). With 21 years of experience, his primary focus is on providing the technical direction and vision for the firm. With expertise in technology management, product development, prime brokerage and correspondent clearing, Brandon focuses on developing solutions for and building partnerships with financial companies around the world. Brandon has held various management positions at several leading financial firms.


Years of Experience

Sanghyun Bae

Chief Compliance Officer

Sang is Chief Compliance Officer at Mirae Asset Securities (USA). With 23 years of industry experience in Trading, Sales, Financial Operations and Compliance at numerous global financial institutions, he is currently responsible for management oversight of Compliance, including the firms Anti-Money Laundering program.


Years of Experience

James De Alto

Managing Director & Head of Prime Brokerage and Correspondent Clearing Services

Jim is Managing Director and Head of Prime Brokerage and Correspondent Clearing Services for Mirae Asset Securities (USA) Inc.  Mr. De Alto is a highly respected industry veteran with more than 30 years of financial services experience with leading investment firms.  Jim has held various leadership roles in correspondent clearing services firms and is considered an expert in clearing, custody and securities financing.


Years of Experience

Daniel Hanuka

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel is the Chief Financial Officer and Financial Operations Principal for Mirae Asset Securities (USA) Inc. Mirae is engaged in the business of prime-brokerage services, correspondent clearing, securities financing, agency order execution and research distribution.  Daniel’s responsibilities at Mirae include financial management of the firm and the preparation of the firm’s financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  

Daniel has worked as a senior finance officer in the securities industry for over twenty years and has expertise in financial and regulatory reporting.  In addition, Daniel has assisted in building a successful financial infrastructure to support self-clearing and market making activities.  Daniel is also a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the State of New York and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. 


Years of Experience

Culture & Values

At Mirae Asset Securities our decision-making is guided by our four core principles:





Our clients’ success is paramount – their success is our success. We build and nurture long-term relationships with our clients by using our proven investment strategies to help create wealth for life.

We assess every investment opportunity objectively and with total impartiality. Our independence sets us apart and helps ensure that our decisions are aligned with the needs of our clients.

Our success is built on respect for each individual and a belief in the power of teamwork. It is our aim to create a true meritocracy in which talent and achievement are rewarded and opportunity is equally available to all.

At Mirae Asset, we are profoundly aware of our responsibilities. As a good corporate citizen, we aim to give back to the communities in which we live and actively support and participate in a range of initiatives within them.


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Mirae Asset Securities (USA), Inc.

810 7th Avenue, 37th Floor
New York, NY 10019
(212) 407- 1000

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Strong Ethical Management

At Mirae Asset Securities (USA), we implement risk management and compliance programs to abide by our core values, beyond mere formality. We pride ourselves on maintaining a culture which consistently exceeds regulatory guidelines. Our decision-making process focuses on consumer protection, and seeks sustainable growth of our business through the declaration of ethical management.  Our robust risk management procedures are designed to satisfy the most demanding of investors, ensure quality and consistent results built for the long term.

Information spreads rapidly in our technological world and we believe that “Ethical Management” All You Can Feel: Images of Recreational Drugs Exposed to Film Negatives by Sarah Schoenfeld tadalafil online us healthcare firms in giant bn deal is critical to the long-term success of our company and our valued client relationships.

Strategic and enduring partnerships with our clients

A long-term perspective is key when determining sustainable competitiveness. Though the capital markets may be volatile over the short-term, or investment trends may change quickly, we look to build long standing relationships and offer tremendous investment flexibility, provide superior services, and help clients to manage risk.  Investing in our client relationships is the essence of our long-term approach to success.

Mirae Asset assesses investment risks with expected return

At Mirae Asset every investment risk is assessed with expected return. Valuations, liquidity and corporate governance are constantly monitored for their potential to inflict damage on long-term competitiveness. It is our aim to limit both our clients’ and our own exposure to such investment risk. Our Risk Management Division consistently communicates and works with our clients to ensure that risk management principles are shared among all parties.

Mirae Asset values a team-based approach to decision-making

Success for Mirae Asset and our clients is achieved through a team-based approach to decision-making, with extensive discussion and a commitment to firmly adhere to our principles and process.

Mirae Asset firmly adheres to these core investment principles.


Mirae Asset Securities (USA), Inc.

Mirae Asset Securities, USA

Mirae Asset Securities, USA

Building on Principles

Building a global footprint through the Prime Brokerage, Global Securities Financing, and Correspondent Clearing Businesses

Global Reach


Local Expertise

810 7th Avenue, 37th Floor
New York, NY 10019
(212) 407- 1000

Our Business

Our Team

Each member of our management team has an average of over 24 years of business experience as an industry leader in their area of expertise.

Meet Our Team

Our Presence

Mirae Asset has a global presence with offices in 15 markets including:

    • Australia
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • China
    • Colombia
    • Hong Kong SAR*
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Japan
    • Korea
    • Mongolia
    • Singapore
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • Vietnam

*Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China