Financing Solutions

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Global Securities Financing

Financing Solutions

Reg T
Portfolio Margin

Mirae works closely with our clients to identify and customize financing solutions.  Our self-clearing capabilities allow us to offer competitive margin debit and short sale financing levels.

Additionally, we offer Reg T, Portfolio Margin and Repo financing options for qualified clients.

Global Clearing & Custody

Global Clearing & Custody
Global Clearing & Custody

Global Clearing & Custody

Self – Clearing
Equities, Fixed Income, & Options
US, Canada, & over 30 international markets

Mirae is a self-clearing broker in the US for Equities, Fixed Income, and Options.  We also clear in Canada and more than 30 other international markets through relationships with our Global Custodians. We are continuously working with clients to expand our international markets.

We fully clear most DTCC eligible US-listed securities.  In addition to clearing and custody, we provide a growing list of financing options using various asset classes through prime brokerage, margin and repo.  We introduce clients to our affiliates (including in Korea, Hong Kong and London), providing customized clearing and custody solutions.

Global Settlement Countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Euroclear
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Stock Connect
  • Hong Kong Bond Connect
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom/Ireland

Global Clearing & Custody

Technology Solutions & Client Portal

Technology Solutions & Client Portal
Technology Solutions & Client Portal

Our clients have access to our online portal for locates and reporting.  We offer clients bespoke technology solutions/reporting through our in-house technology support staff.  For clients not wanting to utilize the portal, we offer SFTP functionality to fit their needs with their respective vendors.

Mirae Prime Portal

  • Real-time multi-currency account information
  • Full portfolio management system
  • Access to securities financing transactions
  • Real-time corporate actions information
  • Daily interest accruals and reporting
  • Prime brokerage trade reporting and analysis

Client Services Team - new

Global Clearing & Custody
Client Services Team
Client Services Team

Client Services Team

Responsive Client Services team
Direct operations contacts
Onshore teams

Mirae has a unique US presence and client services model.  In addition to responsive client service representatives, our clients have direct access to our on-site operations, asset servicing, corporate actions, and margin teams.  This ensures fast response to inquiries regarding corporate actions/elections processing, wires, DWAC’s, and ADR/ARD conversions.

Foreign Equity Research Distribution-new

Global Securities Financing

Institutional Equity Sales:

  • Mirae provides institutional clients and investors with access to equity research, sales and execution services and corporate access.
  • Mirae has a dedicated Asia sales desk in North America. Sales professionals leverage Mirae Asset Securities’ differentiated research, facilitate access to independent industry and company specific reports, and highlight structural and tactical changes.
  • Mirae offers a full suite of execution services throughout Asia and North America.
  • Mirae partners with equity research professionals to help organize and plan unique industry and thematic gatherings in order to promote and conduct empirical fact finding and understanding. Trips are hosted both within the US and Asia.

ETF & Global Portfolio Trading

ETF & Global Portfolio Trading
ETF & Global Portfolio Trading
ETF & Global Portfolio Trading

Mirae’s ETF/Portfolio Trading desk is self-clearing and also an authorized participant for exchange traded funds. The ETF/ Portfolio Trading team brings decades of experience to equity trading and ETFs. The capabilities of the ETF Trading Desk include:

  • Agency and Principal Portfolio Trading (Domestic and International Equities)
  • ETF Portfolio rebalancing (agency and principal) for active and index based ETFs
  • ETF creation/redemption for asset managers and broker dealers; support for seed capital needs
  • Provide ETF Portfolio Execution benchmarks tied to end of day Net Asset Value (NAV) as well as Interval Intraday Net Asset Value (Naverage)
  • Capital Markets support for ETF issuers and their sales and distribution needs
  • ETF block trading with all major liquidity providers and lead market makers
  • Expertise and guidance from decades of experience in equity trading and ETFs
  • Expert consultation services for potential issuers of ETFs, including introduction to all major ETF custodial banks, service providers and exchanges

Mirae's Primary Client Groups:

Hedge Funds

Pensions, Endowments, Foundations

Traditional Asset Managers

ETF Issuers

(Existing & New)

Large RIA's

with Trade Desks

Insurance Companies

ETF & Global Portfolio Trading

Global Equities - new

Global Equities

Correspondent Clearing
Global Equities
Global Equities - Equity and Overnight Trading Services

Equity Trading

Technology Enhanced Transactions

At Mirae, client trades are handled with accuracy, efficiency, and discretion. Through our established networks and resources, we facilitate and manage execution of client trades on a bespoke basis. In developing these networks and resources, we have implemented platforms designed to handle the increasing demands of the securities markets in ways that minimize market impact of executions while pursuing liquidity and price improvement. Our experienced front and back-office teams provide reliable access to global markets on a high and low touch basis, giving our clients the edge in navigating the complexities of today’s markets.

Overnight Trading Services

Enhanced Execution Capabilities

With the resources and capabilities of a leading global securities business, Mirae offers overnight trading services to clients, encompassing not only immediate access to liquidity, but also the ability to trade around-the-clock thus affording clients better opportunity to react to unfolding market events.

Through the firm’s state of the art networks and resources, Mirae continues to source, facilitate, and manage the execution of clients’ trades to best serve their needs. Mirae’s trading desk already offers a robust set of solutions to its clients, and overnight trading is designed to enhance those services while also minimizing market impact by helping them navigate the complexities of the after-hours markets.

Global Equities

Correspondent Clearing - new

Mirae Asset
Correspondent Clearing
Correspondent Clearing

Providing Efficient Solutions

  • We provide equity and fixed income institutional broker-dealers with fully integrated correspondent clearing services in major global markets.
  • We offer a broad range of products that connect clients’ front ends with our advanced clearing and custody platforms.
  • Our dedicated US-based support model offers experienced and personalized attention.
  • We provide superior clearing services, including: cutting- edge technology, flexible reporting, Mirae Prime Portal business advisory services and a dedicated support team.

Global Securities Financing - new

Global Securities Financing
Mirae Asset Securities US Correspondent Clearing
Global Securities Financing

Repurchase Agreements (REPO)

Repos are an integral product within the financial markets. These products provide liquidity to support Fixed Income and equity markets, particularly the U.S. Treasury market. Repo is widely used as a cash management tool by many market participants and is often used by cash-rich institutions to earn additional interest income. Mirae’s repo market expertise and global trading capabilities enable us to service a diversified repo client base. Our repo client base includes prime brokers, broker dealers, hedge funds, asset managers, credit unions, REITs, securities lenders and insurance companies.

Bilateral Transactions

    • Mirae acts as principal
    • Master Repurchase Agreement governs the transaction
    • The transaction is cleared Delivery vs Payment (DVP) via the Fed-wire
    • Product types include Treasuries, (Specials and General Collateral), Agency Debentures, and Agency MBS pools
    • Maturities range from overnight/open to 365 days

Tri-Party Transactions

    • Mirae acts as principal
    • Transactions governed by standard Master Repurchase Agreements and Custodial Undertaking Agreements
    • Mirae utilizes a leading custodian bank as the tri-party custodian
    • Same leading custodian bank is used as the pricing agent for the underlying collateral
    • Same leading custodian bank ensures tri-party trades are properly collateralized
    • Tri-party transactions help ensure that trades are operationally efficient
    • Product types include Treasuries, (Specials and General Collateral), Agency Debentures, Agency MBS pools, Investment Grade Corporates, and Investment Grade Municipalities
    • Maturities range from overnight/open to 365 days

Securities Lending

Global Securities Lending Business consists of local traders in the US offering a large and stable supply of hard to borrow securities, in addition to trading in connection with corporate actions and special situations. We provide online locates and offer securities lending color and data analytics to Prime Brokerage clients.

In addition, Mirae has long side monetization options such as fully paid, margin participation and collateral funding (various maturities). We leverage over 100 signed MSLA’S and GMSLA’s to conduct business bilaterally and are participants in the OCC Stock Loan program. Furthermore, we introduce clients to our affiliated securities lending desks in Korea, Hong Kong and London.

    • Large Stable HTB supply
    • Automated locates – client portal
    • Special Situation Trading
    • Pre-borrow and put thru opportunities
    • Securities lending color and Data